What are the conditions to become a Zen Car member?

To become a member, you must :

  • Be 21 years old;
  • Be the holder of a valid category B driving license with a minimum of two years experience;
  • Not have caused an at-fault damage claim with personal injury in the last two (2) years;
  • Not have had more than one (1) Third-Party Liability damage claim with material damage in the last two (2) years;
  • Not have been prosecuted for traffic violations, and not to have been tried for traffic violations and convicted by a court within the last two (2) years;
  • Not have been the subject of an administrative or judicial decision to revoke or suspend a license for longer than or equal to one (1) month in the last two (2) years;
  • Hold a credit card in your name (prepaid cards and maestro cards are not accepted).

Can I become a Zen Car member with a foreign driving licence?

Foreign drivers who hold an in the European Union invalid driving licence or a driving licence written in non-Roman Alphabet, must provide us with an international driving licence with the other required documents for the registration.

Consult the website of the FPS Mobility and Transport to know if your foreign driving licence is recognized in Belgium: 

How long does it take to register?

Register on our website in just a few minutes and with only a few clicks. Once you’ve completed your registration and you’ve sent your identity documents and driving licence, you’ll receive your Zen Car card within 4 to 5 days after receipt of your registration. If you want to book a car in the 48h following your registration, you can pick up your card in one of our offices.

Can I complete my registration in a Zen Car office?

The online form allows you to complete your registration in only a few clicks. However, as we’re not a traditional agency you cannot complete your registration in our offices.

What’s the duration of the commitment?

At Zen Car, you pay per reservation! No subscription, no commitment.
If you choose a Prepaid Pack, your Zen Car credit remains valid for one year from the purchase of the Pack.

Car range and recharge

What is the real range of the cars?

The range of the car depends on the model you choose. At Zen Car, we offer different brands, in order to meet everyone’s needs.
Most of our cars have a range of about 180 kilometres when fully charged.
There’s a meter on the dashboard of the car indicating the number of available kilometres.
In 2017, we have also added cars to our fleet with a range of approximately 220 kilometres when fully charged (ZOE400 and BMWi3).
To find out the theoretical range of the car you wish to book, simply look at the model and description of the car when you make your reservation.

The range is based on an economical, flexible driving style and a non-standardised test cycle. Please note that weather conditions (low ambient temperature, humidity), the condition of the tyres (tyre pressure) and auxiliary accessories will reduce the range of the car.

Why and when do I have to connect the car?

An electric car is a vehicle driven by an engine that runs solely on electrical energy and needs electricity to run.
When returning the car, and whatever the battery charge state, it is imperative that the car be recharged at the station. Zen Car is about sharing a means of transport, so think of the other users.
During your reservation, you are responsible for the range of the car.
So don’t forget to recharge it during your reservation if you drive more than expected.

Can I park or recharge my Zen Car at any Zen Car station?

If you come across a Zen Car station on your way and see that one of the two spaces is free, this does not mean that you can park or recharge there.
It is very likely that the Zen Car usually parked in the space is simply away for a ride! If you take it, the other driver won’t be able to return and recharge his car. Zen Car is also about sharing a means of transport, so think of the other users.

Please call us to check the availability of the space. We will confirm that you can park/recharge there.

Where can I recharge the car other than at the Zen Car station reserved for me, and how much will it cost me?

Consider our partners Interparking and BlueCorner! They have numerous charging stations in Brussels and Belgium. Even better: you can use them free of charge!

The Interparking card (Pcard) in the glove compartment of the car gives you free access to the Interparking partners, but also allows you to charge your Zen Car at one of their charging stations!

At the BlueCorner stations, all you have to do is badge your Zen Car card at the charging station to recharge.

Looking for a recharging station? The website* could be useful! The Chargemap community takes stock of the charging stations everywhere in Europe.

*The accuracy of the information on the website is the sole responsibility of Chargemap

How can I check if the charging station is compatible with my car?

Before choosing a charging station near your destination, make sure that you will be able to recharge the car there! To this end, make sure that the cable of the Zen Car you want to book is compatible with the charging station.

To know which cable (Mennekes (type 2) or Schuko (household) the car has, simply take a look at the description of the car when you make your reservation. Then check that the charging station has the same type of plug.

How long does it take to recharge the Zen Car?

The charging time of your Zen Car varies depending on the charging station.
At our stations, and the standard type stations (3-5 kWh), a Zen Car will recharge to 100% in 8 hours on average. Some charging stations give more electrical power (22 kWh) and will allow you to recharge faster (for example: the ZOE will charge to 80% in 1,5h to 2h at a 22 kWh station).

General information on the use of the services

Do I have to return the car to the pick-up station?

Yes. Zen Car offers a so-called “loop system”, which means that the car is picked up at one station and returned to the same station. In case of voluntary and unauthorized return to the wrong station, a fixed fine of € 50 will be charged by Zen Car to the user.
Zen Car, wishing to offer more flexibility to its community, hopes to be able to offer its services in the “One-way” system (from one station to another) and/or the “Freefloating” system in the near future.

Can I go abroad with a Zen Car?

Travelling abroad with a Zen Car is strictly forbidden. Any unauthorized travel abroad is sanctioned with a fixed fine of € 150.

An exception to this rule may be granted depending on the circumstances. To obtain an exception, please send your request to Zen Car in writing no later than 48 hours before departure.
Zen Car has the right to decide on this authorization at its discretion. If the request is accepted, the user will then be able to travel abroad without additional fees. If the request is refused, the user will be liable for the fixed fine of € 150.

I want to return the Zen Car, but my space is already occupied by another car. What can I do?

In case of parking issues, please contact our Zen Car customer service to find out how to proceed. You will be given permission to park the car in the first authorised and free parking space (green or blue zones) that you find.

It is essential that you inform our customer service so that we can take all the necessary measures to preserve the smooth functioning of the service.
If you don’t inform us, we will have to charge a fixed fine of € 50 to your reservation.

Where can I park the car during my reservation?

During your reservation, the Zen Car space of your car is reserved for you.
You can therefore park or recharge the car there.
In the 19 municipalities of Brussels, parking is also free of charge in the blue and green zones. So you can park your Zen Car almost anywhere you like!
Mind that you still have to pay in the red zones.
Don’t worry if you can’t find a parking space on the public road: you have access to Interparking free of charge thanks to the Pcard that you’ll find in the glove compartment of the car.

Can I lend my Zen Car card to someone else?

The card is personal and non-transferable. If you lend your card to a relative or friend, you will be held responsible in the event of an incident even if you were not driving the car at the time of the incident.

Does Zen Car provide baby seats?

If you want to travel with your child, you can use your own baby seat but Zen Car doesn’t provide any.

Can I take animals in my Zen Car?

You can take your pets in a cage or on a blanket. If your pet has left hair on the seats, you will be charged for extra cleaning (see fine table).

What should I do if I'm late?

Think of the other users and make sure you return the car on time. Returning the car late will prevent the next member from benefiting of his reservation.

You have a margin of 10 minutes, but from the 11th minute, you will receive a fine of € 10 and you will be charged per hour started.

To avoid the € 10 fine, consider extending your reservation through the mobile application or notify our Zen Car customer service

J’ai oublié des affaires personnelles dans le véhicule. Que faire ?

Don’t worry, the Zen Car teams are ready to help you with this kind of eventuality. Call us and we’ll make sure you get back your belongings as soon as possible.

What should I do if my Zen Car card is lost or stolen?

Call Zen Car to cancel the card and to request a new one. We will ask you for a financial contribution of € 10 for the issuing of a new card.

Mind that if you don’t have your card, you won’t be able to make a reservation until you’ve received a new one!

What do I do in case of an accident or breakdown?

In general and in the event of any problem, please contact Zen Car to find out how to proceed.

Can I park or recharge my own car at a Zen Car station?

Zen Car spaces are exclusively reserved for electric sharing cars. It is strictly forbidden to park one’s own car on the space, at the risk of being towed.

Recharging at the station is exclusively for Zen Car cars. A hybrid or electric car belonging to a private person may not recharge here.

Tarifs et facturation

How can I modify my payment method?

For security reasons, the payment methods accepted at Zen Car are the following;
Visa and Mastercard. Other means of payment (Maestro, Paypal…) are not yet available.

To modify your means of payment, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your client account.
  2. In the “Payment” tab on the left side of the screen, update the contact details of your credit card (Visa or MasterCard only).
  3. Enter your Zen Car password. If you don’t know it, you can reset it on the login page.
  4. Then click “Save” to finalize the changes.

What is included in the rates?

At Zen Car, everything is included: rental, energy/electricity, 24-hour assistance, insurance, cleaning, maintenance, free parking on public roads and in Interparking lots, unlimited mileage.
Consequently, you know in advance what the total amount of your reservation is, and that in case of normal use of this reservation (excluding possible fines), nothing else will be charged!

How long is a Prepaid Pack valid?

A prepaid pack is valid for one year (12 months) from the date of purchase.
Beyond this period, any unused credit will be lost.

Will I be refunded if I return the car ahead of time?

You may pick up of the car or return it at any time during the time slot corresponding to your reservation.
This means that you can return the car early. However, the original reservation will still be invoiced in full.
No refund will be made in the event of early return.

In the event of an accident or damage, how much will I have to pay?

Each car has an omnium insurance with deductible of € 890. That means that any accident is covered by our insurance, if the Zen Car driver isn’t at fault.

If, on the contrary, the driver is at fault, the amount of the repairs will be invoiced for a maximum of € 890. In the case of a fault claim with damage caused to third parties, a Third Party Liability deductible of € 500 will also be charged to the driver.

Can I cancel of modify a reservation?

Any reservation can be modified or cancelled up to one hour before departure. Beyond this time, the reservation will be invoiced in its entirety.

What do I have to do in case of tickets and fines?

During your reservation, you are responsible for any fines and/or tickets. All costs for processing fines and tickets will be charged to the Zen Car subscriber. A handling fee of € 15 will also be charged by Zen Car to the user.